Lassen Sie Ihr Business wachsen
Let your business grow!

We help B2B companies grow digitally – from the idea to the customer.

Lassen Sie Ihr Business wachsen
Wir kennen die Probleme von Freelancern und KMU neue Kunden zu finden

We know your challenges

Whether a start-up or an established SME – it is not easy to communicate ideas and attract new customers, business partners or employees.

Limited budgets, lack of expertise and scarce time resources are often the biggest pain points.

We know these challenges from our own experience and can show you practical and affordable ways to succeed.

Services von neudenken Strategieagentur für Ihren Unternehmenserfolg

Your path to success

We have a plan for you. Without empty promises and marketing blah-blah. Wherever you start, we will pick you up and accompany you part of the way to your success. For one project or over many years.

Services von neudenken Strategieagentur für Ihren Unternehmenserfolg
Die agile und kostengünstige Arbeitsweise von neudenken Strategieagentur befähigt Unternehmen

Get on the road!

When working with you, we consistently use agile methods such as Kanban and OKR (Objects and Key Results). We also use tried and tested strategic tools such as the Communication Canvas or the StoryBrand BrandScript.

Through an iterative approach, you quickly get measurable results and immediate feedback from real people. Because only they can become your customers, business partners or employees. And that’s exactly how your business grows!

Felix Schmidt - Chefstratege von neudenken Strategieagentur

rethink digital

rethhink digital is a German digital agency with a focus on digital strategies, communication and SEO. Under the direction of Felix Schmidt, we work as a flexible network of specialised freelancers. This way, our clients always get the best possible quality – but only pay the experts they actually use.

We refine the resources available in your company and thus bring together the best of your expertise and our experience. In doing so, we fit into your processes like a jigsaw piece and supplement missing capacities.

Our flexible digitsl agency solution allows us to offer high-quality strategy development and implementation at prices that are affordable for smaller companies, organisations and even freelancers.

Satisfied customers of rethink digital

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